Our Team has invested more than ten years specializing in commercial loss run procurement. During that time we’ve enjoyed the privilege of building strong, lasting relationships in service to our members. As such, they strongly endorse our product and often volunteer to testify on behalf of the success that we have helped them achieve.

Below, you'll find a selection of those testimonials for your consideration.

The best product platform available in today's marketplace to request loss runs for new prospective clients. Their loss run request knowledge and service is second to none.
Daryl Davis , Davis Insurance Group, Edmond, OK
All Things Insurance is essential for any agency. The commercial loss runs builder has streamlined our workflow and made the process of ordering loss runs a breeze. Not only is the software reliable and efficient, the customer support is top-notch. I would definitely recommend All Things Insurance to any agency looking to become more efficient.
Ryan Wakely , Commercial Management Insurance Services, Inc., Yorba Linda, CA
I have used all things insurance on several occasions for my loss runs needs. I offer commercial lines insurance to bakeries, HOA’s, retail, manufacturing and more. The idea of keeping it simple and fast is ideal for my clients, just knowing loss runs can be retrieved without existing agent involvement keeps the prospect content with making changes. I believe my niche is having my clients' trust, knowing I am tangible and can explain coverage/the value of why to have insurance. I have found the same trust with Matt [Doman, ATIN Owner] and have continued to do business with him year after year. I really appreciate how effortless it is to retrieve loss runs with ATIN. Matt is easy to work with and has made my risks needs a priority no matter how small the account might be. In some respect ATIN is kind of the “hidden gem” with prospecting new client business loss runs.
Mateo Thalheimer , Allstate Insurance, Las Vegas, NV
My insurance agency has been using ATIN for years now and it is by far the easiest way to get loss runs for your prospective clients. Its quick and easy and the insured does not have to call their current agent to request them which means the competition does not get the upper hand.
Kristin Guglielmo , Penny Hanley Howley and Company, Inc., Stafford Springs, CT
The Loss Run Service provided by ATIN has been essential to the success of our agency growth over the last four years. Prior to securing this service we struggled to get loss runs for many prospects because we did not have the contacts for loss runs at many insurance carriers. ATIN has enabled us to get loss runs from virtually any insurance carrier in the US because they have the proper contact information for requesting the loss runs. It has saved us many hours of work and effort and helped us to secure quotes from carriers that absolutely require loss runs before they will issue quotes. I recommend this service to any agency as it provides a fast, affordable and efficient process for requesting and following up on loss run requests.
Greg Nelson , Westerns Growers Insurance Services, Irvine, CA
All Things Insurance is an important part of our day to day customer service. We use to spend weeks and sometimes months chasing down loss runs and now we can expect to have them within a matter of days. This has helped us write new business and keep our existing customers.
Rusty Strawn , Strawn and Company Insurance, McDonough, GA
All things Insurance is a real time saver and enhances our image of getting things done professionally and efficiently. Loss runs are critical for writing most new accounts, and we find that discussing the need for these up front is a great qualifier for prospects. They’re quick and easy to prepare; and you can do the fast-track automatic approach or customize the requests with your own email (that’s what I do). Time savings are enhanced by ATIN’s database of underwriting contact fax numbers and email addresses. That’s why I keep my subscription….time and professionalism.
Geoffrey Gordon , Andrew G. Gordon Inc., Norwell, MA

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